Director/Producer Alex Jordan

And Jordan Entertainment

Alex's career in film and television has spanned 15 years and a myriad of diverse projects. He directed his first short film in 2001 followed by many other shorts and commercials. He is currently in post on a post-apocalyptic sci-fi/action project with over 300 VFX shots.  

As a member of the Directors Guild of Canada, Alex’s most notable work has been as a Production Manager on the hit action series Nikita and Transporter. He has also been involved on various projects featuring talent such as Heather Graham, Forrest Whitaker, Eva Longoria, and Seth Green. Working consistently at this level of production has inspired Alex focus on his true passion; directing.

These invaluable experiences, combined with a strong production background, have given Alex the capabilities needed to be able to tell dynamic stories in an innovative and exciting way. He knows what it takes to deliver the best. 

Alex has also worked extensively in the northern regions of Ontario and was involved in many of the Northern Heritage Fund’s first feature films. The Heritage Fund, known as the NOHFC, has a very exciting grant program to entice film production in the North. Alex was at the forefront of the now very popular movement—including the development of its new film centre. Alex was PM on Story of Luke, The Dark Truth, Compulsion, Split Decision, The Returned, and Pete’s Christmasall of which took place in three separate cities across the Northern region.  Alex continues to support the North and help build its ever growing film industry. 

In addition to his work in features and television as a PM, Alex has directed several short films and commercials. He was also able to direct some 2nd unit sequences on Transporter. He looks forward to expanding his portfolio further.