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Darkly humorous and disturbing Headcase lives up to its title. After an ill-advised outburst gets wise-cracking Craig fired from his office job, he ends up agreeing to deliver a package for a man he barely knows. The mysterious delivery quickly turns to horror as Craig finds himself pursued by murder, mayhem and the mob.

Producer: Alex Jordan
Director: Ken Simpson
Writer: Anthony Greene

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Long Pigs is a seven-time award winning mockumentary featuring a gleefully twisted look into the life of a cannibal and the two filmmakers who choose to document his life.  

Directors: Chris Power & Nathan Hynes
Writers: Chris Power & Nathan Hynes
Producers: Alex Jordan, Phillip Brown, Garth Douglas, David Fruitman, Nathan Hynes, Chris Power, Bryan Woodruff 




A post-apocalyptic short about a child's innocence among deadly weapons in a harsh and unforgiving society. Based on the Trenchverse graphic novel by Kaan Emirler.

M.E.G.O. is currently in post-production and is expected to be released in late 2015. It's the result of a long collaborative effort and a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Director: Alex Jordan
Writers: Alex Jordan & Kaan Emirler